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Frequently Asked Questions

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To solve the problem of soul-destroying paperwork we must move away from the traditional and find alternate methods to complete our day-to-day tasks.
Simply Sign takes you one step closer to eliminating paperwork.

What is Simply Sign?

Simply Sign is a digital logbook, it tracks and records names, dates and times.

Who can use Simply Sign?

Simply Sign was created to track large quantities of workers on Construction Sites who often work for different companies but are under the umbrella of a General Contractor. But any business that manage large groups of people or pay their workers by the hour will benefit from Simply Sign.

Is Simply Sign expensive?

Yes, it costs less than $5 a day.

Why would I use Simply Sign?

Get your workers or employees to sign in and out and you receive automated reports. No need for you to look through an undecipherable logbook or record your employees hours.

How do I get Simply Sign?

For now Simply Sign is only available in the GTA, lucky Torontonians. Send us a message through our Contact section and we will be in touch.

Can I download Simply Sign?

No, but we our working on creating a downloadable version. At the moment we are providing a rental version only.

Is Simply Sign for me?

If you enjoy headaches and wasting valuable time then Simply Sign is not for you. On the rare chance headaches and time wasting aren't your thing well then we would 110% recommend contacting us for your no strings free trial today.