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A user friendly and efficient App for General Contractors and Project Managers to keep track of their Subcontractors manpower and time spent on site.

Are you ready to run your Projects like a pro?

Replace that old fashioned pen and paper log book with Simply Sign a Digital Logbook designed to effortlessly track workers hours and send you automated reports.

Accurate Time Tracking - Completely Paperless - Eliminate Time Consuming Reports


Click on the Contractor profile to sign in or out with the click of a button.
Look back on previous records filter specific dates, individuals or companies to find the info you need instantly.
The information entered is used to create automated reports for a detailed breakdown of your workforce.
Records can be sent instantly just choose the time period, filter, enter recipeients and send.
Other features +

Other Features

new sub-contractors
Add as many companies as you like to the system. Once a Contractor is added, their profile is saved to be re-used in your next project.
new worker
Easily add a new worker to the system, simply enter their name and assign them a company from the drop down menu.
attendance tracking
Once a worker sign's in or out the time and date is recorded. This info is saved and accurate attendance records are created.
add logo
Uploads Contractors logos to make the signing in and out process more efficient.
legible information
All your records are now clearly legible and easily viewed.
auto sign out
A maximum shift duration can be set which will sign workers out after a specific time period, workers not signing out will be flagged.
Cost codes or work descriptions can be assigned to individuals by adding notes, export this data to create your timesheets.
Import all workers currently on site into a custom sheet where names can be checked present.


In the Box
  • 1 x Optimized Lenovo Tablet
  • 1 x 10’ Charger
  • 1 x Kantek Tablet Stand
  • User Guide
customer service
  • Initial Setup On Site
  • Pre Installation Of All Your Subcontractor Profiles
  • 24 Hour Device Replacement
  • 24/7 Customer Service
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